A History Of FOB

2022-08-02 19:49:47 PDT (last update 2022-09-06 21:08:59 PDT)

A couple of decades ago, I had a bunch of students who had all done substantial research work: I think about eight of them? One or two MS and a bunch of undergrads. The opportunity came up for the students to present at a University-wide student research Poster Contest. I generally don't like Poster Sessions; I think they're kind of a bad cross between a presentation and an article. But I thought it would be fun to flood the thing, so I brought the whole bunch of 'em — each with a lovely poster. (Coincidentally, so did one of our Physics profs. It was kind of hilarious, actually. Between the two of us I think we had about half the presenters.)

Anyway, if you're going to bring a team, you need a team uniform. So I had hats made. I designed a "Friends Of Bart" FOB logo and Keith Packard and I rendered it in SVG using our Nickle programming language.

FOB Logo

We looked ever so stylish.

Cartoon of a man labelled Bill with brown hair and glasses wearing a backwards bill cap.

That day the FOB "brand" was born. I've been using it ever since.