Blogging Blog Framework Development

2022-08-08 10:35:01 PDT

When I made the decision to blog on GitAtom a week ago, I knew that dogfooding GitAtom would be both a great way to improve GitAtom and a giant pain. Both the improvement and the pain have exceeded my expectations. I've posted a half-dozen new GitAtom issues and closed a bunch of them. I've engaged with some "hard" issues and emerged, if not victorious, at least kind of satisfied.

Hopefully FOB4 has become easier to read as the result of my efforts. It has also become easier to blog with, for what that's worth. I'm afriad that FOB4/GitAtom remains more creator-friendly than reader-friendly.

Adding an Atom feed is the penultimate can't-live-without-it reader improvement on my list. I will try to find time in my currently-insane schedule (more because of my laziness and disorganization than because I have more than a person should be able to do) to get a feed up over the next few days.

(The ultimate must-have feature is allowing some kind of commenting. More about that in a future blog post.)

Sadly, I think the whole GitAtom hairball is due for some fundamental rethinking. I don't want to do that rethinking — I just want to blog. I don't want to document the GitAtom architecture extensively, re-architect it, document that, and re-implement/refactor big pieces.

I would switch blog software in a second if someone told me of the right platform. Unfortunately, I don't know of anything super-close to what GitAtom provides for blogging.

Such are the woes of a geek who blogs, I guess. Thanks for listening.