Building A Queue For Blaugust

2022-08-09 22:49:04 PDT (last update 2022-08-09 22:49:08 PDT)

I restarted blogging as part of Blaugust. The soft goal of Blaugust is to blog every day during the month of August. That is an achievable schedule for me; nonetheless, I already fell behind this month, though I have now caught up.

I am also working ahead a bit. The conventional solution to the problem of regularity in the web publishing world is to build a "queue" or "buffer" of upcoming posts. A buffer famously cannot match rates, but is great at smoothing irregularities. Readers like regular posts, while writers like irregular writing.

GitAtom doesn't currently have any explicit support for queueing. Because of the way the platform works, it is straightforward to write posts ahead and put them aside for later. This is the main thing that is needed. However, the process of pulling queue entries and posting them should arguably be automated based on intended posting frequency. If I don't have the time or will to write a post on a given day, I probably also don't have the time or will to interact with my blog at all that day.

Sigh. Added to the issue list.