A Brief Introduction

2022-08-11 01:19:54 PDT

Apparently this is the week in Blaugust where we are supposed to introduce ourselves. Indeed, this week is perhaps almost over.

I'm dead tired and need to go to sleep. I will introduce myself as briefly as possible: no stories, no extra stuff.

I can do this, I know I can.

I'm Bart Massey. I've lived most of my life in Oregon, except for a couple of years in Tennessee when I was in early grade school. I spent the first part of my life in Portland, and after the Tennessee thing ended up in North Bend. Upon graduating high school I spent a year at Oregon State University, then four years at Reed College, graduating with a physics degree in '87. I spent two years working full-time at Tektronix, doing UNIX admin, open source tools and digital signal processing. Then I went back to grad school at University of Oregon, where I got my thesis MS CS in programming language implementation doing concurrent logic programming, then my PhD CS doing artifical intelligence. Slightly before graduation I got a job at Portland State University, where I've been a CS prof for over 20 years now. If you do the math, you'll find I'm 58.

I have a loving wife who I've been with continuously since high school, and one adult son who works as a software engineer here in Portland.

My hobbies include reading, programming, making music (piano and a little guitar and voice), playing poker, and too many other things to list. I am low A Tier at trivia and worthless at athletics and related pursuits. I am a poor follower of Jesus, but not a participant in any religion; I am not the least bit evangelical.

I like to explore and create. I am more than usually lazy and disorganized, with few time management skills.

That is about as small a wall of text as I can manage for now. I expect I'll be telling you more regularly.