Reconstructing My Blogging History

2022-08-14 00:05:15 PDT (last update 2022-09-06 21:25:36 PDT)

For many years I had a primary blog I self-hosted using the Drupal CMS. It was called "Project Resolution" because it started with a New Year's Resolution, and "FOB" for "Friends of Bart" — a name with quite a bit of history.

My blog collapsed not so much because of lack of will on my part as because the underlying blog framework collapsed. I got wedged in the state where I couldn't keep blogging with the existing Drupal because my Drupal version had become too stale (security holes and software rot), couldn't manage to upgrade Drupal to a newer version in spite of extensive efforts, and couldn't manage to extract my content and move it to a new platform in spite of efforts that included writing a bunch of bespoke code for that purpose. All of this provided the impetus for the creation of the GitAtom platform I am using now.

I did manage to dig much of the content out of Drupal as HTML or Markdown, but haven't yet posted it anywhere. I should do this in the next day or two so that I know what's up.

I have had other blogs as well. I had a Ghost instance up to blog EVE Online stuff; I'm not even sure myself what the current status of that content is. I think I blogged there for about a year around 2018? I have had various blogs for Google Summer of Code back when I was participating there, although they were very light on content.

Notably, I have a super-secret blog. As far as I know, only one very close friend knows of it. It doesn't have much content, but it contains things that were on the one hand sensitive enough that I was afraid to have them associated with me (especially pre-tenure), but on the other ok enough that it wouldn't be an absolute disaster if it got out.

Cartoon ghost with nonsense caption.

Things that I decided I didn't want on the Internet at all are squirreled away in that directory I talked about last post. Thoughts that must never, ever be on the Internet are not on any computer anywhere: I'm not silly.

You can also find many years of my comments on Reddit, or even dig my old Usenet days out of the Usenet archives to a certain extent.

So… yeah. I obviously like to write stuff and publish it. I'm not sure why I let blogging go for so long. Good to be back.