Creative Appreciation Week

2022-08-14 23:26:15 PDT

I sat down tonight to figure out enough Bevy to be able to participate in the upcoming Bevy Game Jam.

I failed. I failed to motivate myself sufficiently. Looks like it would probably take me 10 or 20 hours to get to where I'm comfortable with the framework, and I just don't feel like spending that right now.

It made me think, here in Blaugust Creative Appreciation Week, about the hells of complexity and weirdness that modern digital creators put themselves through to get stuff built. When I was a boy, the bar for creating on a computer was so low, and any creative output was highly regarded. Nothing is easy anymore, and expectations are so high now.

Dozens of great games will be built for the Bevy Game Jam this year. Each one will be many thousands of lines of clever code, with crazy amounts of art, music, modeling and other creative assets.

Thank you, those people! Wish I could be one of you. Maybe someday soon.