The Remarkable Work Of Bill Wurtz

2022-08-17 00:03:26 PDT

Bill Wurtz is a guy on YouTube.

Bill Wurtz is a remarkable creator on YouTube.

Bill Wurtz is most famous for history of the entire world, i guess (mildly NSFW). It is rightly celebrated.

Bill Wurtz makes short music videos like old macdonald.

Bill Wurtz more commonly makes "normal length" music videos like Mount St. Helens is about to Blow Up, which is perhaps my favorite.

Bill Wurtz writes all of his own music, performs all his own instruments, does all his own animation.

Bill Wurtz is an international treasure.

Bill Wurtz is a favorite of Charles Cornell.

Bill Wurtz may not be for you. If not, I don't understand why.

I really like Bill Wurtz.