I've Fallen Behind, and I Can't Catch Up

2022-08-20 21:16:15 PDT

For the last few days, my life has been consumed by doing final setup and then leading the Rust-Edu Workshop. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Who knew that inviting a bunch of brilliant, creative and really friendly people to work together on a common interest would go so well? As a completely unbiased observer, I'd give the event a 9.8/10: the 0.2 was all me.

That said, it looks like I am now four posts behind this Blaugust. My grand ambition of maintaining a queue failed early: it's now just a struggle to get back to parity again.

Please look forward to three extremely short blog posts, even by my standards, as I try to maintain some semblance of being able to blog "regularly."

I am exhausted and suffering from stress recovery, but I'll be fine in a bit. Thank you for your patience.