Can't Goodpost Tonight

2022-08-20 21:54:48 PDT

I have a great blog post idea. It's a topic I have talked about a lot in the past, and it deserves to be here.

What I don't have is the will to give the post the 20 minutes of careful effort it really deserves. It's an idea that has to be got right and expressed right to be of value.

I'm tired. You get this post instead. I can't promise that you will get the goodpost someday soon: I'll try.

I think this is a common blogging thing, really. The bloggers I've followed express it all the time. With a daily blog, pacing is everything. A recurring theme on my blog is that we are all human, that I am especially human, and that humans need to respect their limitations. I envy the people who make everything they do great. I don't know how they do it. I know that will never be me.

So enjoy this meta-post. It's what I have to give. Hope you'll "tune in" (wow I'm old) going forward and see me at my best. Hope my best is OK. I'll settle for OK.