Almost At Atom

2022-08-22 22:31:25 PDT

I said I was going to add an Atom Feed to GitAtom yesterday. And by the end of today, I almost have.

I mean, teknicully I akshually have an Atom feed now. It just doesn't do quite what I want so I am refactoring and rewriting part of it, and there are a number of bugs that it has exposed that should still maybe be squashed.

My division of labor so far, as estimated off-the-cuff:

So roughly 18 hours in two days, of which about 3 were the actual implementation of the actual feature. I'm not quite done yet, but the proporations should stay about the same.

Am I motivated to program like this because I'm blogging, or motivated to blog about programming? I dunno.

Starting to burn out on this whole fire. Must finish soon.