2022-08-26 13:24:55 PDT

OK, so after all that talking and caterwauling and whatever, if you look at the upper-right corner of your browser you should see a Feed Icon. If you paste the address there into your Feed Reader as per usual, you should be experiencing the joys of my new Atom feed.

The process of getting this to beta was as involved as getting a major feature to beta gets. I ended up refactoring most of the GitAtom codebase. This will make future improvements easier, but yeesh. In the process of getting the feed going, I closed some other critical issues.

There was also the usual yak-shaving. Notably, I wanted to include the Feed Icon as, well, an icon. This led to the discovery of the previous-decade's initiative for a standard Feed Icon, which I would have thought would have led to a freely-licensed Feed Icon to use. Sadly, I can't figure out the licensing terms for the "standard" icons and whether they license both copyright and trademark: it all seems to be under fairly fancy open source licenses. I gave up, and drew my own CC0 Feed Icons. Hopefully I won't have trademark issues with them — seems unlikely.

There's still likely some pretty bad bugs to be fixed here. Some things are not yet tested, and nothing is well-tested. Still, nice to be able to syndicate my site at all.