2022-08-28 02:21:38 PDT

I am posting late today because I spent a long time being involved with THE WISE CUP. I am spelling it that way because it is a 10-letter backronym too convoluted to repeat: I'll just go with TWC from here on out, though.

TWC is an annual event run by our next-door neighbors, for the benefit of the folks on our street and friends and associates thereof. Because we have that kind of neighborhood.

TWC is a treasure-hunt-style game with geographic clues that lead teams of 2-4 people to various landmarks in our small but riche suburban town. At each stop, participants must solve a puzzle of some sort and make some observations. At the end, there is a quiz over the observations. Scoring is based on successful completion plus the quiz score. There are prize baskets for the top three finishers, plus a literal trophy cup made by my neighbor, who is quite crafty and does mosaicing. It's all a great deal of fun.

This is the third year of TWC. The first year, my wife, my sister-in-law and I won, uh, very handily vs eight other teams. Last year I was recovering from surgery during TWC, so my friend and his son filled in for me. It was, uh, even worse. This year I decided to sit out, because it seemed reasonable to give the other teams a chance. The outcome was quite a close call, but, uh, my wife + sister-in-law + son + son's partner won again.

What can you do?

Looking forward to next year's THE WISE CUP.