The Tedium Of Making A Blogsite

2022-09-06 22:31:50 PDT

I just spent a bunch of time cleaning up the image links in the Markdown on this GitAtom blog. The images are now all properly formatted according to the CommonMark Github-Flavored Markdown (cmark-gfm) specification.

As I feared, it was about an hour of messing about without doing much that was new or constructive or interesting.

After all that, I wrote this post.

It's always like that. Things get very incrementally easier after every little thing like this, of course. Still, it definitely feels like pushing a boulder up a hill. Unlike the canonical example, the boulder doesn't roll back down, really. The hill is just endlessly high, and every time I look back it doesn't look like I've come any distance at all.

Enjoy my bespoke post on my bespoke blog. Otherwise I'll just feel silly.