Who Is "Meteor Man"?

2022-09-14 22:29:02 PDT

My wife and I have been watching The Rings Of Power. So far, we haven't been terribly enthused.

One of the classic ways to try to hold interest in a serial, one that goes way way back, is to have a Mysterious Figure for the audience to worry about. We have not one, but two here: "Meteor Man" and Halbrand. Of the two, Meteor Man is the more interesting to me, which is to say I care a tiny bit.

Sadly, I don't trust The Rings Of Power to have a satisfying identity set up for Meteor Man at this point. My suspicion is that it will be something stupid. Here's some guesses about Meteor Man's "true identity" I've seen from folks I watch on YouTube: I've ranked them in the order of my belief, although I'm not yet enthused about any of them.

One clue that has been much bandied about is the only words spoken by Meteor Man so far: "Mana Ure". Apparently Ure is a Quenya Elvish word for something like "fire", "heat" or "the sun". Mana is more complicated, but may be some sort of interrogative like "where?" or "what?". My theory is that "Mana Ure" is "Where's the fire?", a reference to all the rushing around he's seeing. Or maybe "Ure Mana", "Your Momma".

The one thing I take away from all this is that the writers have written themselves into a can't win situation for me. Absolutely none of the above possibilities would be anything but sad and ugly.

It would have been far better to just leave Hobbits and Meteor Man out of this one. The Hobbits can't become too famous without spoiling The Lord of the Rings anyhow, since we're told they really weren't in the old accounts. If Amazon's writers need a Meteor Man to keep the audience holding on, the series is likely unwatchable. My curiosity has certainly passed.

I'll leave you with my theory: Smaug. Someone once told me that it is never a good to leave a live dragon out of your calculations. Dragons are all about fire, they come from the sky, they are magical, they are evil but not super-evil in the same way as the other stuff in Tolkien.

This is a really stupid theory. But it's better than Tom Bombadil.